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Kisses to feel better

Full movie length: 32 minutes Production date: Feb 7, 2020 Full movie price: US$ 15.99 Isabel | Adila Vênus Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

Isabel comes home very sad after discovering that she was betrayed, and asks her friend Adila for advices. Smart as she is, the redhead takes advantage of the moment to kiss her friend, so that she feels better. Isabel gets amazed because she has never kissed a woman before, but she soon gives herself over to the moment and the new experience. Their soft mouths touch and rub, their tongues are intertwined and sucked, and of course the hands go down the bodies. They end up naked, exchanging saliva in this kiss that doesn't come off, and sucking nipples to make things hotter. They love each other's company, and due to their addiction to that cracked kiss, they will certainly make out more often!

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